The Madonna, the Workaholic, the Vampire and Lumpy, excerpt 1.

The Witch is completed! With much work and editing needed, I decided to take a break and start on a new project. 🙂


Willow Well was a prosperous suburban town, full of large dark brown houses with dominant Victorian roofs and porches. I was told it had excessive amounts of greenery and culture. Someone else also described it as a place that was like a picturesque town from a book. This was all true; the reviews and guides did not lie.

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Witch, excerpt 3

gawain 3

It felt like hours until the sky started to lighten. She was able to see the shape of the tall trees, but they were laced within a smoky wrap of fog. Though the fog obscured the clarity of the morning, she was thankful to be able to see where she was placing her feet. In front of them in a clearing, a grazing deer heard their steps. It jolted away from them, it’s shadowed outline darting through the filmy mists.

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