Sonnet for Luonnotar

Hi Guys,
Here’s my first poem that I wrote this morning in bed. I was inspired by the Norse Myth of the beginning of Earth and the goddess Luonnotar. If you’re interested here’s the link (Scroll down until you find the section of Luonnotar)


Do the silent waters slowly blow
Over still and blue and stretching lands?
In which starry twilights forever grow;
Melting life of liquid moons through hands.
Nothing at all nurtures the nest of life,
As you pace, in this unforgiving place
Barren, stark and mad; seethed not by strife.
Wet and lonely fingers like a knife trace
Shells that gently crack and break your daughters-
Dripping yellow and clear white over your sides,
To be lovingly washed by waters;
Taken to and fro by quiet ocean tides.

Sun and Moon in eternal days will dry,
Along shores where they will lift and fit the sky.

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