Right. No more excuses. I have graduated university. No more excuses to not update this blog. No more excuses to stop writing creatively.

As I have not maintained a very good presence on this blog for the past year or so, it is high time for a tune up.

What has been going on with me since 2015?

Since 17th May 2016, I am a graduate. My English Literature degree is now finished and I am expecting results on 28th July! Exciting times. I’m not craving a 1., but I am hoping for a high 2.1. overall. (I am also in process of losing my revision weight.)

Instead of being peeved that I may have just miss a first, I am incredibly proud of myself. I got a first on my double-credit dissertation- about intersectional identity in Caribbean literature, writing on novels which I am so passionate about. Jean Rhys is a godsend to this Earth. May everybody devour and gorge on her work; she is utterly brilliant. I then, achieved a first on my Children’s Lit and my Georgian modules. My other modules got high 2.1s! #Nailedit.


Currently, I am employed as freelance editor. At the start of July, I am undertaking an internship with the same company. Working in Marketing for a publishing house is my dream! I am so happy and lucky that I am able to take the first steps towards it.

Again, I am so excited for life – especially my short-term life. I have printed my tickets to Newcastle and I am anticipating Beyoncé with every fibre of my being. (I can’t wait. She is going to be amazing!!!) The week before, to Harrogate to see a friend, and even before that I get to see my lovely boyfriend, who recently has done wonders for my self-worth. Above all this, I have a chance to reconnect with my friends in London – pre-university, while progressing my life and self here.

Why am I updating it my blog now?

Before leaving to university, I wanted a fresh start. I was desperate to leave London and immerse myself in a place, where I did not know a single soul. Now, I have finished university, having all the confidence and independence that comes with it, I am able to tackle and appreciate the metropolis once again.

I don’t need a fresh start anymore. I am continuing on from the wonderful (and the not so wonderful- down right bad really) things that I have experienced during university, and before it.

I am so lucky and fortunate. I have only told you a few things for why that is. Let me take this luck and love for life and share it with you.

half full
The cup is ALWAYS half full, and not half empty.M 🙂

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