Writing in Wales

So I am currently in the south of Wales, exploring ancient history, enjoying the cute Welsh accents and eating excessive amounts of fish and chips. Unfortunately, I have yet to see a real-life dragon.

However, whilst being incredibly inspired by the scenic beauty of the country’s green hills and being located a whapping five-minute walk away from the ocean, I am unable to stop watching Gilmore Girls. I have watched two and a half seasons in four days! What is wrong with me? I still have three days left of holiday! I will have completed all seven seasons by then… Alas, it is too hard to tear myself away. Even though I have been thoroughly distracted by Netflix, and having been told off for skipping one too many family Scrabble sessions, all is not lost. I am inspired by sea air and culture, and quite excited about my next big story. I hope it will go somewhere…

  • Set maybe in Wales. (or a loosely fictionalised around the Carmarthen area. All is still open for possibility.)
  • It will be a travel hop.
    My modern day protagonist will be transported back to a horrifically unsettling time period. I’m sure he/she will do their best to survive.
  • Think Outlander, but with cute welsh country accents and King Arthur. That’s right, I want to go way back to the 4th /5th century and early middle ages.
  • There will be magic. There will always be some sort of magic.
  • I will not hold back on my mythology obsession. I will embrace and cherish my time geeking out on this story.


As you can see I have a massive amount of planning to do and I think I nearly have my protagonist sorted. However, this is all subject to change. I may be writing a crime thriller by the end of the week.

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