Art Review: Draw the Line

The main floor hosts a range of different artists, whose works explore what it is to ‘draw the line’.

It’s an interesting thought, ‘drawing the line’. It’s similar to the expression ‘taking the pencil for a walk’. Nobody really knows what the end result will be. However, it is surprising and enlightening to see how drawing the line manifests itself through new, experimental forms and media in this exhibition.

Some of the pieces were what I expected from the title. They were thoughtful takes on the traditional pencil and paper. Niall Farrally’s Scruffy, Life Advice From Strangers, and Carole Sherman’s Undirected Journeys falls into this category for me. The latter showed a wonderful, complex mixture of chaos and precision in three floor to ceiling scrolls. Whilst my attention was drawn to the tight hubbub of overlapping drawings, underneath lurked a faint map of ruler-straight roads which I didn’t initially notice.

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