Inflatable Structure Don Alan Parkinson Talks The New Luminarium Albesila at Highfields Park

Entering the Luminarium felt surreal; like I’d happened upon Narnia. I had to crawl through the opening flap to make sure I didn’t let any air out, and the other side genuinely felt like a different dimension.

It is a massive understatement to say that the luminarium is an attaluminariumck on the senses. Rather, it is an onslaught. The colours of the plastic were astoundingly vibrant; while the shades and hues in some rooms and domes merged softly together, others were vivid in contrast. Sloping circular shapes created a comforting environment, and the humming of the wind passing through the long tunnels was mesmerising.

I met Alan inside, and we found an alcove to sit and chat…

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