About Me

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to my blog Task 11. This blog came about in a weird way. (which you can read more about in my post: Revamping Task 11.) In short, a school club/program for certain high achieving students were encouraged to do creative writing tasks- in which I was included. However, I was uncomfortable with taking my SATS a year early and was dropped to a lower class and kicked out. Damn elitism! This blog is now currently a space for my creative writing- usually poetry or stories. It is also for me to gain confidence in putting them online and having people read them. More recently though, I have been using my blog to document my crazy thoughts too, like finishing university and all the other stuff going on in my life! But I will get back to this blog’s original purpose eventually! ( I Promise!)

In general: I love books, I love the arts and I drink a lot of cocktails!
My favourite cocktail: A Smoked Margarita!
Currently reading: Go Set a Watchman – Harper Lee
Twitter: @marydansie

So I hope you enjoy my writing and I hope it doesn’t bore you to tears!

Mary 🙂