Welcome to T.11

This space is otherwise known as a Mary Dansie’s collection of writings, both professional and personal.

You are probably wondering what’s with the name?

To say ‘I like writing’ is downright litotes. Since I was a child, I’ve always had a love of words and stories. In secondary school I was invited to take part in a Creative Writing Group. Each week we were given prompts to write a piece of poetry or prose, and Task Eleven was the title of one of the briefs from our teacher to write a poem, which was then shared on his Blogspot page.

At the time I would have been about twelve or thirteen and we were coming up to do our SATs exams. The teacher wanted ‘highly-achieving’ students to take these a year early, likely because of associated financials and reputation with more numbers taking the exams. I refused and was promptly kicked out of the Creative Writing Group as I was no longer considered ‘highly achieving’.

Fast-forward to 2014, whilst I was in the prime of my university years’; I decided that Task Eleven needed to rise from the smothering, bureaucratic ashes and be repurposed for me.

  • 2014 – 2016, this space became heavily used for my short-lived career as an emerging poetess and philosophical thinker.
  • End of 2016, I finished university with a 2:1 in English Literature
    (and with a 1st in my creative writing module, I’ll have you know).
  • 2017 to present, this space is being used for my writings both creative and professional which have been featured over the years. I’ve been very fortunate in my career to be able to capture stories in both written word and video.
A bit about me?

I love books, the arts and wine. And cats. I love cats.